The Global 3G Mobile Broadband Internet Access Connect Your Laptop on the Move in 75 Countries

Are you Abroad? On a Business Trip? Get “Wireless Internet on the Move,” the new 3G international mobile broadband Internet access, added to the global WiFi hotspots, dial-up and Toll Free MobilityPass network allow travelers to connect instantly and safely connect wirelessly everywhere around the world.Ready to use with any unlocked Mobile Internet phone, i-phone or any laptop, the 3G Mobile Broadband offers a plug and play solution for Pc, Mac or linux that includes an International 3G / UMTS / GPRS / HSPDA / EDGE USB modem Operating at incredibly fast connection speeds of up to 7.2 MB, and the data SIM card to connect users from continent to continent while matching any standard.Wouldn’t it be great if you could stay in touch and manage your current e-mails securely wherever you are? Maintaining security online is especially imperative when using wireless Internet access. For this reason, the Mobility Pass service insure your privacy and confidentiality with an extra layer of data encryption VPN to secure the unified communication suite that include, Phone call, SMS Text messaging, push e-mails, fax, IM – Instant Messaging, files and emails backup and all other online and remote communications.With international roaming internet access, travelers experience the ultimate freedom to roam the Internet anytime, anywhere. Not only does the 3G Mobile Internet access connect internationally, there is no contract, monthly fee, setup fee, or maintenance fee, and there is absolutely no billing for service not used, which means that users are able to truly pay as they go. This also allows users to control costs by paying as they go and managing credit available on their account.Mobility Pass includes in every mobile Internet package privacy and confidentiality of all customer information as well as increased security for access to the mobile Internet. The beauty of the packages is that if the Internet is not used the customer is not billed unlike most of the competition that bills the customer regardless of usage and transfers. This makes it a logical choice for business people around the world. From the United States to Europe and Asia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, and multiple other locations, A Mobility Pass access is the ideal choice for conveniently and securely connect business travelers.


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