Fiscal Battles Likely to Postpone US Immigration Reform

As President Obama has been re-elected, many hope that he will soon push for a comprehensive immigration reform, that he failed to pass in his previous term. Reports state that more than 70 percent of the Mexican Americans voted for President Obama. However, President Obama is likely to be preoccupied with fiscal conflicts. Democratic Senator Mark Warner, said that issues related to tax increases and spending cuts, will spring up early in 2013 and will be more dominant though his party wants to focus on issues related to immigration and job creation.Immigration has been a major issue that has been failing in the Congress and the Democrats want to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants in America, who have been living in the country for several years. Hence they want to grant legal status to the 11 million undocumented immigrants, who are living in shadows. Similarly, such undocumented immigrants must be allowed to work legally in America and obtain US citizenship. But the Republicans who are against this, say that this will encourage illegal immigration and people will try to cross the border illegally and obtain lawful status in the country.Out of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in America, most of them are children, who had got into the country at a very young age and they cannot be blamed as they were smuggled into the country. In order to help such innocent immigrants, President Obama, enacted the deferred action policy that would postpone the deportation of innocent undocumented immigrants for two years. However, the Republicans want stricter laws that would prevent people from crossing the borders illegally. However, both the parties do not want the US employers to hire illegal immigrants for low wages.
President Obama wants to reform the US immigration laws, in 2013.John Boehner, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, noted that a comprehensive immigration reform is mandatory, after the Presidential election. However, a senior House Republican adjutant, stated that immigration may not be the foremost issue that the country will focus on. The next person who is likely to craft the House’s immigration bill might be Representative Bob Goodlatte and he is a person who does not want to grant lawful status to the people who illegally crossed the borders. He also praised Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, that was not completely approved by the US Supreme Court.Representative Steve King, said that President Obama will enforce any immigration legislation that the Congress introduces. Representative Raul Labrador, a conservative, said that the conservatives always talk about fixing the broken government and the broken immigration law. He also added that he is ready to tackle these issues. Obama’s deportation policies disappointed many Hispanics, during his first term and now the Latinos hope that President Obama, in his second term will push for a broader immigration reform and they are hoping for the best.


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