S0692 Mayan Calendar Case Cover for HTC ONE X

S0692 Mayan Calendar Case Cover for HTC ONE X

Graphic Printed Hard Case For HTC ONE X.
Hard Case Cover For HTC ONE X – Graphic Printed Design Including Sides and Corner.

Full Wrap Sides and Corner, High Gloss, Full Photo.
The image will print in high quality on the front face and around the sides. Forged From High Grade Hard Plastic Slim-fit scratch resistant lightweight cases.
Patented photo print technology. Provides robust phone protection.

This phone case is not a sticker or cheap metal printed insert. Durable Lightweight.

The cases are not only visually stunning but are also highly practical and provide robust phone protection. Forged from high grade hard plastic, they are both durable and lightweight.
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Maximal Power 52mm Lens Filter Kit Includes Circular Polarizer, UV and Star Lens Filter Kit for 52mm Camera Lens (Black)

Maximalpower 52mm Glass Multi Coated 3 piece Filter Kit consisting of an Ultra Violet (UV), Circular Polarizer (CPL), and a Star Filter. They have Black metal rings to match most cameras. Includes a hard protective case.
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Aderma Primalba Gentle Cleansing Gel 2x500ml

Aderma Primalba Gentle Cleansing Gel gently cleanses baby’s fragile skin and hair. Its very doft cleansing base, soap-free, respects skin’s hydrolipidic film and hair’s balance. Formulated from Rhealba Oat with soothing virtues, and enriched in natural(-origin lipidic substances, Primalba Geltle Cleansig Gel leaves skin comfortable and compensates for dessicating effects. Its creamy foam is pleasantly scented makes the foaming bath a real moment of pleasure.
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